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Bear Claws

Bear claws

Real bear claws for sale


Throughout history the bear claw represents Strength, inner knowing, and commands respect. The Bear claw necklaces were always worn by the most successful warriors. To defeat an enemy in battle whom wore bear claws was considered a great honor. I will do my best to accept custom orders Please e-mail me with any further questions. Full bear claw sets are available and custom orders can be accepted for as many claws as you want so long as I have the supplies to meet your demands. There are several pictures below to inspire your ideas for your own necklace.

Real bear claws are always an eye catcher no-matter where you go. Real Bear claws are almost never seen these days. Pow wow dancers will drool over your bear claw necklace and even out and about in daily activities people's eyes will pop out of their skulls at the sight of a bear claw.

Some states don't allow the sales of one type of bear but other species may or may not be okay to sell to you!


Real bear claw necklace
Bear claw necklace for sale
Bear claws for sale
Grizzly Bear claw necklace
Real bear claw for sale