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Turtle shell bag A



This turtle shell is made from a NON-ENDANGERED SPECIES known as red earred slider. It has been hand made into a bag to take to pow wows and other reenactment events or even for daily use.


The Red earred slider turtle are a very aggressive predatory turtle. They prey on birds, fish and even other turtles. They hunt in groups. These turtles can sometimes gang up on other animals. Harvesting these turtles helps to ensure a healthy well balanced ecosystem as they are a very successful animal. They are also amazing to eat. These are not the tame lettuce eating pets you see in homes or the docent turtles that are focused on in most documentaries.


Each turtle is hand coated with a glossy finish to bring out the natural pattern of the animal. During the entire project sage and sweetgrass was burned to help ease the spirit of the turtle who's life was used. I buy these turtles from restaurants that use them as a specialty. As a Native American I do not support trophy hunting nor do I support waste. Turtle stands for mother earth it is a woman's medicine that keeps us connected turtle is very sacred for no matter where it goes it remembers where it comes from: its home, its roots. Just like our people today though we are of many nations we all came from the Earth.


This particular turtle shell bag:

long Strap is made of buckskin


Shell 7" long 6" wide

Storage space will fit a iphone6 or like sized item(s)

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