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 The History of the Raccoon Hat is yet another story of Cultural Appropriation. These beautiful hats were originally worn in the winter by first nations people. During the fur trade era the trappers appropriated the wear and it became one of the largest symbols of the Fur Trade. 

These beautiful hats I have designed and made are my own style. I made it to go ice fishing and it was so nice and warm and beautiful I decided to offer to make them for others.Has a very large 3.5x3.5" beaded medallion with a raccoon baculum sewn in the center plus two 2x2" front medallions on each side.I do all the beadwork for this hat, the small medallions take around 4 hours each and the larger medallion takes about 4 hours. I can make a hat out of any type of animal just message me if you need an animal other than raccoon.This listing is custom made for you meaning I need your head measurement to ensure this hat will fit you perfectly.I need the circumference of your head in inches and the inches from the top of your head to the bottom of your ear (if you wish for it to cover your ears)It will take me about 2 weeks to sew this for you.I always line my items with red felt unless otherwise selected. This animal has all four paws feet and claws. I typically use the whole animal. I can mount the head at additional cost.

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