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Two spirit support necklace cougar claw


LGBT support necklace to show Native LGBT pride made by a Two-spirit Native American


Necklace length 20" with clasp

rear cougar claw 1.5" around the curl

Please be aware of your state laws when placeing this order and read my full shop policies as you are responsible to know your wildlife laws and are responsible for fines and legal fees if you order it form me and should not do so.


Beautiful necklace with white buffalo bones and the beautiful colors of the rainbow.


This item is Native American Made in compliance with the arts and craft act of 1990. Upon purchase the item will be mailed with a certificate of authenticity which will enclose my clan and tribal enrollment number.


The term "Two Spirit" is a newer term to describe an age old tradition. There are hundreds of terms for Two Spirits as it varies from nation to nation. In the old days (Before the arrival of the Europeans) many tribes not only accepted the LGBT members of their community but had distinct traditions and sacred ceremonies to honor us. The tribes faced genocides with the arrival of the settlers and religious interference. Marriage became defined as the union between a man and woman when we referred to it as "the joining of two paths." Historical photos and documentation and even traditional elvers have long verified these events did at one time take place.


The two-spirit traditions were swept under the rug and hidden away at the same time that our children were being placed into boarding schools. Our grandmothers were torn from lodges and beaten, our grandfathers killed for praying in our traditional ways. The old laws of bounties put on our heads for simply being born Native. Today our lodges are once again safe and legal, our ceremonies are not to be disturbed.... But our Two Spirits are still being beaten and killed. We are being oppressed and called second class citizens simply because we are born this way. We are facing a new enemy.... Hate.


It used to be that we would hide our Native blood. Now we hide our love and who we truly are. Should this be so? Our societies used to view each person as a life and that all life is sacred and has purpose, with this items purchase you are supporting not only an LGBT native but also a portion of the sale will be donated to


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