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Turkey feather hair tie dance fan smudge fan


Listing is per feather tie you will get a feather similar to one in the photo.

Stickball stick for display only not part of sale example that you can tie these to anything!

This is a turkey feather hair tie it consists of 2 total feathers one tail and two plumes wrapped in moose hide buckskin

The turkey is the bird of giving and also known as the "ground eagle" to my people. Eagles and eagle feathers were rarely used unless you were a medicine man, the turkey feather was a sacred bird and cherished by the warriors and tribesmen. Ben Franklin had the idea that it should be the symbol for the United States but the Eagle was voted on instead.


This large feather is approx 13" long it is HUGE a great attachment to any head piece, dance staff or to be used as a prayer/smudge feather

Please ask any and all questions before purchase.


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