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Bear claw FULL SET 20 REAL authentic claws


Listing is for a matched set of REAL Black Bear claws

The largest bear claws for this base price will measure up to 2.5" long measured professionally around the curve of the claw If you would like a larger set please use the drop down menu accordingly. Larger set the largest claws are approx 2.75" long. Larger claws may or may not be in stock but can be purchased at an additional charge. 

Each set includes 10 front and 10 rear claws. One full bear. These claws can be purchased without holes or with pre-drilled holes again please use the drop down menu to select which style. The last two photos are to help the buyer to determine which way they want their claws drilled. This listing is for the claws only not in necklace form. The bear teeth shown in photo 4 are NOT included, bear teeth are at additional cost.

All my claws come clean polished and sealed in a protective professional finish. Finger nail polish looks nice at first but will peel off making your claws look like they too are pealing. I seal these claws to help them last a lifetime otherwise a claw can break or come off of the knuckle bone. My claws will not do that to you. This is a number one quality finished product.

Buyer must check their local laws before purchasing product by purchasing this product I am assuming you have read my store policy and agree to its terms. I am licensed in Idaho if you are unsure if this product is legal in your state please call YOUR local wildlife office/DNR/Fish and game Thank you for understanding. I am not a legal resource for your state wildlife laws unless you live in Idaho.

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