Cherokee Spirits LLC.

Real Bear claws Cougar claws wolf claws bear headdress wolf headdress and more!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!

(Idaho Rainbow trout mount 2014)

I mount Fish and Mammals NO BIRDS 

Local hunters please contact me at:

[email protected]

To arrange drop off

Local Hunters please e-mail me your phone number and I will call you

[email protected]

Tanning services always come with a risk. If a hide has not been properly taken care of in transit from the forest to me I can not work magic. If you flesh and salt the hide I can not guarantee the work behind it as I have been professionally taught how to handle capes and hides of all degrees. Hides delivered to me that need fleshing and salting will be charged:

If I flesh the hide it is $25 an hour but is done correctly.

 If you plan to ship a hide to me then it MUST be skinned fleshed and salted and DRIED! If you do not flesh the hide the salt can not penetrate which will result in hair slippage which I can not fix. Never send anything wet in the mail! It will spoil. I require a 50% deposit fee for all hides to be tanned. I must have tag numbers license numbers and details about the animal in order to complete the tanning process and make sure the animal was legally taken..

Do not ship green hides!

  • Green Hides are those that are not salted or dried. Wait at least two weeks after salting hides before shipping them. Hides and skulls should be well wrapped (such as double wrapped in heavy garbage bags) to prevent leaking. I highly recommend shipping skulls frozen by an express service. If your items leaks and damage other packages, the Post Office/UPS/FedEx will hold you liable for the damage, or may dispose of your package!