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Fish Vertebrae

                                                                                                                        Fish Vertebra


 Fish are caretakers of the waters. From the oceans to the ponds fish will be found, fish can be found in the darkest depths of the ocean. All fish great and small have jobs from the sucker fish that clean the trash to the barracuda and shark. Fish remind us that nothing survives without water! Fish represents hygiene and the art of being very quick thinking. To catch a fish with bare hands is not only dangerous but extremely difficult.



 Reg Fish vertebra necklaces (right):

10 count $20

 $2 a vertebra

Vertebra are about the size of extra large beans


Select Fish vertebra Necklaces below:

This is a 10 count necklace these vertebra range almost up to 2" long but are VERY fragile

Necklace shown: $30

individual vertebra $5 each Large up to 2"

$3 small up to 1"