Cherokee Spirits LLC.

  know yourself the native way, there is no power in plastic!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!

Deer toe clackers & Bells

Deer toe clackers with dew claws on them as well. Please note the second photo shows them next to regular dance bells that are not included in this price. There are over 40 toes/dew claws on each one beautiful traditional sound.

Deer medicine is calm and loving it is gentleness. Deer toes were not wasted they were used for sacred dances. The dance of the warrior is balanced as it is fierce. The Deer medicine helps to calm the warrior after battle as he retells his story through dance. It grounds him to the earth.

This is for a custom made to order set of deer toe clackers for dancing and ceremony. I will need the measurements to make them to your size please allow 1 week for these to be made. They run $100 a set the wampum based set runs $180

Dance bells are $85.00 a set they will be made to your length and come with 6 beautiful bells on each side. They can be lined with fur for an additional charge depending on the species.