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RED Cherokee Wool Wrap Skirt


Wrap skirt ONLY

Wool blend (dry clean only)

Shirt, sash and manikin NOT included, display only.

Measurements are:

60" long by 29"Wide


The wrap skirt is just like it sounds a large piece of cloth that wraps around the lower half. (Mind you the manakin is male lol but I don't have a female one) most women did not wear shirts in the hot summer months, sometimes they wore a poncho like top on the winter. After the colonists came women were forced to cover up and began to wear simple blouses with it. These beautiful skirts were originally made from buckskin but shortly after the colonists came our women also discovered the beauty of wool. The Cherokee tear dress originated in the 1960's to allow our women to have a dress to compete in for princess pageants as the wrap skirt was considered inappropriate at the time. Eastern band Cherokees have begun revitalizing the wrap skirt and I am glad they have. Their current princess sports her wrap skirt I am always a fan of traditional attire making a comeback.


Please note that by purchasing regalia I am NOT dressing you. The dressing is an important part of Pow wow dancing culture. Dressing is where another dancer gives you permission to enter the dance arena. Every area is different but most tribes require a give away or other custom before entering the circle for the first time and dancing. Please also check with an elder in your area for what is and is not appropriate for you to wear in your circle.


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