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Beaded otter fur bag brain tan strap


Beautiful Otter bag to store all your traditional needs. Just gorgeous fur and color

Bag measures:

Total length 34" long top of bag to tip of tail (when closed)

Actual storage space is approx 5" wide by 18" long

braided brain tan elk straps measure 23" on each side total of 46" of tying cord. Truly compliment this bag.

Beaded pieces are approx 5x4.5" the animal figures are painted pieces of deer rawhide. Making use of small left over pieces of rawhide from making drums and rattles. A unique one of a kind look and beautiful touch to finish this bag.

CITES TAG can be cut off by buyer but I will leave it on in case there is a legality question or it may be needed to cross into certain states.


Otter is a respected medicine in many circles, it stands for seeing through problems both above and below the surface of the issue.

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