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Beaded buckskin vest Mouse purple beads

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This beautiful handmade buckskin vest.


I handmade this in entirety.


Measurements for the vest are:


16" shoulder (my shoulders are 18" this fits perfectly)


22" long and the base is 22" wide so 44" around. With buckskin ties.



The beadwork is made with size 11cut glass seed beads using the double needle technique.


Beautiful shiny shimmering can't be seen in photos with a cute little white mouse in the center with porcupine quill whiskers.



Medallion is 6"x6" so very large


Lined with red felt fabric. There is some artificial sinew still on it from having done a little previous sewing but can't be seen while worn.


Two additional medallions measure 3"x3" at the base.



I am selling this because I made a new vest and no longer wear this one. I would rather someone enjoy it than have it sit in the closet.



Mouse represents hard work, perseverance, preparation, curiosity and strength. A medicine often overlooked but very powerful.


The warbonnet pattern surrounds this beautiful medallion. Painted on with acrylic paints there is a small pen mark that is hardly noticeable.



Purple is creators color both men and women wear purples and pinks in the native world.



Please ask all questions before purchase.


Some remainder marks on the front from where other beadwork was. It is not noticeable really unless I point it out.



Simply gorgeous vest and top quality beadwork.

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