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Authentic Wampum Medallion 4x4 brain tan buckskin


Price is for a STUNNING one of a kind Wampum medallion. It measures 4" wide by 4" tall

115 Shell beads and BEAUTIFUL sweetgrass. (Please note as this medallion ages the grass will eventually turn a pale yellow this item is a living piece)

It is backed with AUTHENTIC brain tanned buckskin. Glass cut black beads and 4 solid brass beads complete this as a one of a kind eye catcher piece.


Wampum is SO rare, this beautiful medallion has each piece hand sewn into place. It can never be 100% replicated.


These authentic beads are made from the quahog shell.


Authentic wampum is to be treated as if creator was in your presence. It told stories and lessons for the tribes from which they originate. It was a symbol of friendship and respect honesty and promise.


This item is Native American Made in compliance with all laws. Upon purchase the item will be mailed with a certificate of authenticity which will enclose my clan and tribal enrollment number.

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