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Badger claw choker Brain Tan leather brass beads


badger ᎢᏃᎮ (I-No-Li) claw is coated in a protective finish so that they will last a lifetime.

This badger was not wasted. Its meat went to help feed injured birds of prey at the local raptor rehab center. Her hide was tanned and made into a ceremonial headdress, in no way was this animal at any time disrespected. Special songs are sung while constructing this necklace along with sage and cedar being burned. It is clear coated in a protective finish to ensure these claws lasts you a lifetime or more.


This choker has a 1.5" BADGER claw attached to it. This is an AUTHENTIC BADGER CLAW not a fake or resin it has been clear coated in a protective finish helping the claw to last a lifetime! I have taken a closer photo to help show it. Remember a badger is made by creator just as you and I. We are not perfect neither are products that are made naturally. If you have a perfect buy plastic, but keep in mind there is no power in plastic as it is made by man and is unnatural. Buffalo horn carved pipe beads are the white standing for purity green for life and black for the spirit world, Badger is aggression and boundaries.


Authentic BRAIN TAN leather gives this piece a smokey smell, is 100% non-chemical treated and environmentally sound.

Solid brass beads make this piece quite heavy, a fine museum specimen.


Measurements are:

Real badger Claw: 1.5"

Buckskin ties approx 9.5" long each side

Choker itself :15"


Chokers were originally designed for the purpose of protecting the necks of the Native American warriors during battle and they were also used to adorn themselves during specific tribal ceremonies. Chokers were also worn to show a high social ranking among the tribes, and as a sign of wealth. Sometimes these chokers would also be attached to a full breastplate for the warriors who fought to protect their territories. In society today choker necklaces are extremely popular among younger generations. Quarter in photo just for reference not part of sale.

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