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Beaded bear claw pendant REAR


This is a REAR black bear claw.

It measures 2" around the curl professionally.

Colors are wolf clan Red for victory, and white for peace. This has been stitched by myself using size 11 cut glass beads. I don't usually sell my beadwork because it is typically a form of prayer. However this claw was damaged and could not be drilled so I found a useful and decorative way to make it into a useful pendant for you to enjoy. Each bead is a good thought for the wearer. Each bead is sewn into place this is a peyote stitch not a wrap job, it takes several hours to do this to a claw. This has a beaded loop and you can place it on cord.

All my claws come clean polished and sealed in a protective professional finish. Finger nail polish looks nice at first but will peel off making your claws look like they too are pealing. I seal these claws to help them last a lifetime otherwise a claw can break or come off of the knuckle bone. My claws will not do that to you. This is a number one quality finished product.

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