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Badger headdress full paws and claws


ᎢᏃᎮ (I-No-Li) is badger. Badger has long represented boundaries. Medicine Women have often called upon badger medicine. It is a very aggressive animal. Badger is important because he digs the holes that burrowing owls will live in after badger abandons his den. Burrowing owl is also badger's food. This is another example of the circle that the world rotates into.


This has been professionally mounted by myself (a licensed taxidermist) Buckskin straps attach her to you head. She is absolutely stunning.


Ears perfectly turned alert and listening to creator. This little girl has all 4 feet paws claws and tail this is one complete badger. Felt lined under the mannakin she is a comfy fit for any head and her head weighs 13 oz.

34" long

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