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Gustoweh MADE TO ORDER 2 week wait


For the men of the Haudenosaunee confederacy this is headgear (Meaning not Cherokee). The Gustoweh is a fitted hat made of strips of wood. (This has leather strips instead of traditional wood for comfort and has the ability to be adjusted to fit your head. The wood is then covered and adorned with eagle, hawk, pheasant, or turkey feathers. The Gustoweh is also used to identify an individual’s nation. A man wearing his Gustoweh with one feather pointing upward and another pointing downwards, indicates he is Onondaga. A man who has one feather pointing skyward is identified as Seneca. Each nation has their own way of identifying each other by our Gustoweh.


This Gusteweh has two upright feathers shown to keep it "neutral"

I can adjust the feathers to your specific tribe before shipment or even add another for an extra $10. Some nations leave the Gustoweh open others line it with cloth. If you need it lined with cloth it is an additional $15.


This Gustoweh is a collage of domestic goose and turkey feathers. And a Glass wampum woven base.

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