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Bear claw necklace (1" rear REAL authentic claw) white hairpipe yellow beads



his bear claw measures:1" measured around the claw professionally Bead meanings: Yellow for new beginnings white for purity and selfless giving

This necklace is 16.5" in length


This is a REAR bear claw, it comes from the back paw of a black bear. Bear stands for inner knowing and is greatly respected in native culture. Bear is the only other animal in the woods that walks on two legs and so therefore most tribes considered him once human. Bear is sacred, he finds the answer to all life's questions through his dreams and knows all answers can be found from within. Bears are introspection and often find themselves alone seeking wisdom on the path of solitude. People with bear medicines often find themselves labels and introvert. To wear this medicine in the symbol of protection as there is no animal that shows greater ferocity when protecting their young as a mother bear.




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