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there is no power in plastic!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!


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Quotes This site is wonderful - anyone can see that Rain Warrior truly cares about the quality of his products and spreading knowledge about the Cherokee way of life. I hope that he continues to do well in her work and continues to teach others about the native way of life. Quotes

Quotes It was a pleasure to order from Rain Warrior. He has an excellent selection of unique merchandise, much of which he has added her excellent artistic talents to. He is very friendly and was able to quickly and intelligently answer all of the questions I had. He is very knowledgeable about the items she sells, both in regards to their physical nature as well as their underlying spiritual significance. Quotes

Quotes After browsing through this site, I am very impressed by Rain Warrior's dedication to his work. I am a federally carded Cherokee, and I know from experience how true his words about having to work harder than carded federal natives do. The 'new age' nonsense is simply those who are carded being snobs about having more native blood than others and not wanting to help educate those who wish to learn about their roots, however distant, as Rain Warrior is doing. He has a very artistic hand and his products are beautiful. He is doing good work in educating people about their ancestors and I hope he continue to do it and be successful. May Creator bless you in all that you do. Wah Doh. - Avani Quotes

Quotes WOW I just ordered a wolf claw with two wolverine claws I feel so much more connected with my guides thank you so much for allowing me this connection keep walking the good red road! Quotes

Quotes I asked Rain Warrior to make a necklace for me, and received it today......it is absolutely perfect!! Wonderful work, and the claws are beautiful! I will treasure this always, and I thank him for connecting me with my medicine. I will be back for more! Thank you Rain Warrior, and may many blessings come your way!!! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for making my wolverine claw necklace. It is authentic, powerful and spiritual. I came across your website by 'chance' - looking for "answers" and I definitely felt a spiritual connection. Keep up the great work! Many Thanks and Praises.... Quotes

Quotes hello! i just wanted to let you know i got the wolf claw choker and it's perfect!! thank you so very much!!! Quotes
monica baron

Quotes my family has a long history of native american background. and for many years my grandparents and uncles teach me more and more. i recently discovered that my spirit guide is the wolf and was told i should have a piece of the wolf. so i ordered from rain warrior. i must say, it's absolutely perfect! i will definitely be back for more things in the future! and i love the site! thanks so much rain warrior for your beautiful craftsmanship! Quotes
M Baron

Quotes recently found out i'm 1/8 cherokee , so i wanted to get something native for myself. decided to order a necklace from rain warrior. just recieved my wolverine claw necklace yesterday , and am very happy ! my tricky , ferocious guide is always with me now ! thanks a bunch Quotes

Quotes Wow I ordered bear claws this past week for my husbands necklace. I have never seen claws like these they are vibrant and colorful I am speechless! Thank you! Quotes