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  know yourself the native way,
there is no power in plastic!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!


Please do not leave questions in this section, please contact me for any or all questions at: [email protected]

Quotes "I highly recommend anything Erica RainWarrior offers because they are of the highest integrity and respect. My item arrived with clear energy and I could tell she honored it as it deserved to be. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with her and thank her for providing these sacred offerings. Blessings, Tia" Quotes

Quotes THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! You are truely my favorite seller,and all my stars are from buying...not once have I sold anything. If I could have given you 20 stars I would have but they only let me give you 5. You did a magnificent job on the headress and Im sure we will do buisness again. Do you make buffalo robes? Do you make deer skin shirts with bone chest/breast plate necklace in larger sizes? Im going to save up money to send you out of each disability check and let you clothe me for the winter.....LoL. Do you by chance make the lace up knee boots or moccasins? Sorry about all the questions, Im just excited with my wolf and cant wait to buy more. Thank you again.....Ken Quotes

Quotes Recently I had the pleasure of finding Erica Rain Warrior's website, and I was immediately impressed by the spirit and feel of it. You can see the dedication and the traditional ways which she follows. After a few days of discussing with her, I asked Rain Warrior Woman to make me a bear claw necklace. What I received is truly a beautiful, spiritually powerful work of art, and an excellent connection to my personal spirit helper. I have already gotten wonderful compliments from my family and friends that I've shown it to. Thank you again, Erica Rain Warrior, and I'm blessed to call you my friend! Pilamaye yelo! Tim (Mato-ska-okiye/White Bear Helps Him) Quotes

Quotes Thank you Aiden for the good medicine and prayers that you put into the items we ordered from you. Since receiving her dream catcher, my 7 year old daughter no longer has nightmares. As for the necklace you made for my wife - she says that it is the most wonderful and most menaingful present I have ever given her (including her wedding ring). For anyone considering ordering from Cherokee Spirits, know that we received top quality products at a very fair price and that Aiden was a pleasure to work with. He helped guide me about the appropriate colors to include for the purpose of the items, crafted our custom pieces the day after I placed our order, and sent me a photo by email prior to shipping to make sure that everything was how we wanted it to be. Beautiful craftmanship made with authenticity and positive intent. Thank you again Aiden for sharing your good medicine with us! Quotes
Scott Silverston

Quotes As an Ojibwe descendant I am so picky if some sort of Native American regalia or anything is plastic. However I was so pleased with the work made by Rain Warrior that even through the screen I could feel such powerful medicine. Now that I have the product it warms my heart immensely to see someone continuing on the traditions of their people. Many blessings to you Rain Warrior. Quotes
Brianna Red Wolf

Quotes Aiden is very much dedicated to doing what is right for product quality. He did a great job on a special order of a red fox hide I ordered for my husband. I highly recommend him for special needs of ceremonial products. Quotes
Rich Baker
Silver Butterfly Two-Spirit

Quotes I am so very impressed with the Spirit that comes with the items sold, that I will always come back here first! Pilamaya, Wakan Tanka Ni Ya Was'te! Mitakuye Oyasin! Quotes
Dan Miller
Another Satisfied Customer

Quotes utselidv - that is the best explanation for the badger claw necklaces I received. Quotes
Marc Rodriguez
Mexican Brother

Quotes I just received my badger claw necklace and I'm very pleased with it. I'm starting a new chapter in my life and wanted to connect with badger. Thank you very much! Matt, Quechan tribe Ft. Yuma,Ca. Quotes

Quotes I received the wolf tooth necklece i ordered and felt connected as soon as i seen it and want to thank you for that. Thank you brother! - Deer Walker Quotes
Bruce Hudson/Deer Walker
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