Cherokee Spirits LLC.

Real Bear claws Cougar claws wolf claws bear headdress wolf headdress and more!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!

FAQ and Policies


  1. How do I contact Aiden?

    Please contact me by e-mail:

    [email protected]

    Unfortunatley I do not put my address or actual phone number on the website due to harassing calls from PETA members and other people who do not understand that Cherokee Spirits doesn't support Trophy (or harvesting just for fur/claws) Also due to licensing and regulation Cherokee Spririts must keep everything written for legal purposes when selling wildlife products.

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  1. Can I return a product?

    Buyer must contact me within 3 days of delivery of problem

    Buyer pays return shipping and original shipping.

    All items returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be returned within a week of purchase in the same condition as when sent from me.

    All items returned over 2 weeks there is a 35% restocking fee must be in same condition. All items returned over 3 weeks are subject to a 55% restocking fee must be in same condition. No returns over 4 weeks.

    If damaged in mail please contact me as I insure all items unless asked NOT to do so by customer. Items requested to have no insurance that are lost or damaged in transit are NOT my responsibility.

  2. Can I return a custom order?

    Custom orders are tricky. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase Rain Warrior will try his best to fix the problem or alter it to make you happy. Depending on what the product is and the significance determines the availability for a particle refund.

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  1. How do I place an order?

    Contact Rain warrior at [email protected]

    Please be as detailed as possible, let me know what claw and especially what SIZE you are looking at purchasing. If you see a photo great attach it! Please include your state no sense trying to sell you a product you can't have in your state.

  2. Legality

    If you order from me you are agreeing to these terms: All items I offer for sale are legally taken and can legally be sold by myself according to the laws of the State of Idaho. I assume when you order an item that you can in fact legally possess that item according to the laws of your state. If you order items from me and you cannot possess them according to the laws of your state or country, Cherokee spirits will hold you responsible for any penalties and/or legal fees incurred by Cherokee spirits. All offerings of merchandise shall be interpreted to mean that Cherokee Spirits is not offering to sell items of which the sale is prohibited in your state.

  3. What payments do you accept?

    Paypal is accepted though there is a use fee on top of your order total generally about $1.50 for every $40 spent this is added to your order total including shipping.

    Cashier's Check or Money order. Due to fraud it must clear the bank before shipment unless it is a U.S postal service money order.

    Personal Check: must clear the bank before shipment. This will take between 5-10 business days.

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  1. What are my shipping options?

    Rain Warrior is happy to ship your item at the carrier of your choice. However, USPS priority mail is the usual method of madness. As it arrives in a very timely manner. Ups and Fedex are also an option.

  2. Why wont you ship internationally?

    All international wildlife shipments are subject to: USFWS Inspection Fee, Brokers Fees and International shipping charges These are VERY expensive. Paperwork for international orders can take up to six months to process and orders under $5,000 are impractical. Thank you for understanding.

    please see the link for a better explanation:


  3. Do I have to insure my product?

    All products are shipped insured unless otherwise instructed. Keep in mind if no insurance is requested Cherokee Spirits will not replace damaged, stolen, or other ungodly thing that happens to said package, basically if something happens after it leaves my office you are on your own. Insurance is very important.

  4. Where is your shop located?

    Cherokee Spirits is located in beautiful Idaho. There is no shop. Rain Warrior works out of his own home.

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Questions about products

  1. Why are your products not capped in silver or gold?

    I get a lot of orders especially from native americans. There are a lot of tribes who don't allow shiny objects to be present at ceremony. This means if you have a claw or tooth necklace capped in a metal they will probably ask you to take it off. Keep in mind all tribes vary in tradition but you can always take these claws to a jeweler and get them capped if you so change your mind. My products should be welcome at any ceremony but make sure you ALWAYS ask the person in charge if that particular medicine is welcome at the ceremony before just showing up with it. Respect first. I try my best to keep all products uncapped and metal free with the acceptation of the polar bear claw. Also note that capping a claw takes away from the size and length of the claw as they need to secure the silver to the actual hull it shortens the length. The polar bear claw was 3" before it was capped now only 2.5" of the claw is actually visible.

  2. Can I have my own claws made into a necklace?

    Of course! Rain Warrior prides himself with working on custom orders. Contact her direct through e-mail to work out an exchange and cost estimate.

  3. This claw isnt perfect! This claw is flawed!

    Of course it is! All my items are imperfectly perfect! In other words:  All my products are different. Just as you and I there are no two animals alike. Because my products are not made of plastic. Because they are NOT fake they may have an imperfection. I do my best to only sell quality products. Shading, age, and even gender effect the look and feel of my products age of an animal can make a tooth sharp or dull a claw disfigured or young and beautiful. Each one is unique each one is its own. The best way to tell if something is resin is to actually see that it has little to no flaws and if there is another that looks just like it. If you are interested in a certain claw ASK if I still have it, or if having something made ask for a photo before I mail it to you. Know that I do the best with the product I have I do not sell broken claws I do my best to offer the best of the best quality products I do my best to ensure my items are as close to perfect as posible. All claws are flawed in one way. If you are looking for a claw that is perfect you're in the wrong place nature is not perfect go buy plastic. If a claw has a slight chip or imperfection cherish it this is how you PROOVE something is nature made.

  4. When will you get it back in stock?

    Once I am out of a product I may depending on what it is, never have it in stock again, I rely on hunters to bring me what they harvest my inventory is not made in mass quantities in China.

  5. What is a spirit guide?

    A spirit guide or totem can be any animal be it bird insect mammal or fish, or even an angel. It was strictly practiced that to harm your spirit guide would cause it to abandon you! But in order to better absorb their power you had to have a part of them with you at all times be it a claw fang or even a peice of fur. Thus why there is no power in plastic, plastic is man made and holds no power of the animal itself. In the old days hunters would gift items to members of the tribe. Now it is difficult to find such things which is why I designed my website. If a certain animal can not be legally purcahsed by your state do not dispare, it may be more expensive but try to find a fossil of your animal! If you were to hunt your spirit guide it is as if you are hunting a part of yourself. It was thought if your spirit guide attacked you in the real world it was testing you. There are several ways to discover your own inner spirit guide. In Tsalagi culture 7 is a sacred number you should have 7 spirit guides. Some will stay for life others will come and go as lessons are to be learned. You will realise how much you have in common with your guide the more you get to know yourself. For example I noticed that I eat mainly fish and berries both my lifetime guides depend on fish for survival and it is part of their regular diet. Your spirit guide may not always be what you want it to be. Some men are known to have a deer as a totem or even a hummingbird. This is NOTHING to be ashamed of, every animal's power is important and special and should not be underestimated.


     Due to the overwhelming amount of people I can NO LONGER help people determine their guide. For further help I suggest buying the book:

     "Animals Speak"

    Or speak with your local elder.

     A spirit guide is personal to you and in most cases is only going to reveal itself to you.


    Most of the time your guide will be the opposite sex of you there is always acceptions to the rules. To find your guide there are several questions to ask yourself:

     Was there an animal I was drawn to especially as a child?

     Do I act like or seem to relate to a certain animal?

     Do I see a certain animal more often than others?

  6. How do I tell a real claw from a fake?

    Check out this link from USFW


  7. Is this from a road-killed animal?

    All animal products were legally harvested according to Idaho state regulations. As of 4/26/2012 Idaho allows the salvage of SOME roadkill animals. I have a waiting list for people who are interested in road-kill only products, however please note the item may not be available as it may take years for me to even acquire these items.

    This is because:

    1.) The odds of someone actually hitting the animal are slim

    2.) The proceedure to keep this animal requires notifying Fish and game and collecting the correct permits to salvage the hide/claws/pieces/parts

    3.) There are many species that still may not be salvaged in this state because they are protected/non-game species

    4.) When an animal is road killed the hide is often found with major road-rash (bald spots) the skulls and teeth are highly damaged and usually it rots before it gets to the taxidermy shop as most drivers are not prepared to store the hide correctly. 

    5.) Most people do not know to sell/turn in road-killed animals they do not want to licensed taxidermists/furbuyers such as myself.

    Cherokee Spirits is happy to help you with any inquary you may have regarding the purchase of a specific wildlife item and can put you on a waiting list to be informed if the specific animal you need comes in the shop. Please understand there is NO guarentee that Cherokee Spirits LLC. will ever get in the product you are after in this manner waiting guess is in the high possibilities of years.


  8. Do you Trade?

    Yes, its how the ancestors used to do things. If you have an item to trade feel free to e-mail me a photo of what it is and what you want for it. Please keep in mind I am a supplier of the things I have on my site I am more interested in something I can't make myself or I don't already have. All items offered for trade must be legal. I am interested in predator and buffalo hides. I am currently looking for a buffalo skull. I will not trade for beadwork, beadwork is a form of prayer to me I do my own and I don't offer it for sale thank you.

  9. Will you give me an Eagle/owl/hawk/osprey/falcon/vulture feather?

    Absolutly not. Federal law prohibits the possession of any feathers/talons/or parts of any migratory bird unless you are a member of a Federaly Recognized Native American Tribe. Erica's feathers seen in photos are dyed replicas and also legally imported non-migratory bird feathers with proper paperwork for avaliable for inspection.   Gifting is illegal, native american's must have their feathers issued by the Govnt. of have their enrollment card on them while in possession of these items. For more information please checkout the Migratoy Bird Protection Act.



  10. How long are the necklaces?

    Necklaces are typically 18" unless otherwise stated. If you need a longer size please ask before you order.

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Questions about the Artist

  1. Will you give me an indian name?!

    NO, first of all I am not an elder and I do not have naming rights. Secondly I don't know you I have never met you in person these names are earned over years and are granted by the spirits. The way it was taught to me is a name should be given by an elder who knows you and or is related to you it should never be given over the phone or the internet. All tribes have rules but this is how I was taught and what I respect. Thank you for understanding.

  2. I have native blood but don't have a card can you help me?

    No, I apologise but I myself spent 10 1/2" months reaserching and fighting for my tribal enrollment I don't have the time to help with geneology at this point in time.

  3. Is Aiden native american?

    Yes, after years of research and applications he was granted his native status in Sept 2010 Aiden Crawford ShortCloud is an enrolled member of the United Cherokee AniYunWiya Nation. As an enrolled member he is now allowed to state the products are native made. Upon request a roll number can be presented all products come with a card stating their authenticity at the buyer's request. As always a portion of all sales is donated back to the tribe.

    Rain Warrior is related to an Eastern Band Cherokee Member that died 10 years before the Baker Roll of 1929 and his full blood decendants did not enroll on the 1929 Baker Roll or he would be a registered Eastern Cherokee Tribal member. As EBC will only take related members to the 1929 roll and not any other before that time.

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Product care

  1. Is there up-keep to this product?

    As with all natural things they will want to deteriorate. The ultimate enemy of my products is MOISTURE! Bacteria live and breed in moisture and wet climates. To ensure your product has a long life do NOT allow it to get wet, a few rain drops wont hurt but I do NOT suggest showering, submerging, swimming, sweat lodging ect with any of these products. 

  2. Warranty

    Rain Warrior's products are nature made. Claws break, teeth crack and bones chip. There is no warranty on the actual animal item,claw or tooth things. Everything possible to ensure this product lasts a very long time has been taken. So long as the product is taken care of in a respectful manner it should last a while. All claws are cleaned, polished and sealed as are all skulls bones etc. If buyer chooses for me to not seal the items it is at the buyers risk. All items ship insured if damaged by mail you will have to submit to me the required information for me to be able to refund you. With daily wear a clasp or string can breakIf this happens to you Rain Warrior will fix or replace it free of charge so long as the business is in standing. Cherokee Spirits will not replace claws/teeth etc. that are lost or broken when this happens as I can't be responsible for natural occuring wear on cord or life iteself. Some of my necklaces have lasted over 5 years on this cord. Cords are made of 100% natural cotton material NOT leather as leather breaks within 2 months of use and rots with body sweat. However if the buyer wants to pay more to have it strung on wire Rain Warrior will do so.  Buyer will pay all shipping both ways to have any and all repair done. Please purchase insurance as Cherokee Spirits will not be held responsible for lost or damaged property in the mail. Again these are natural materials made by mother nature. Rain Warrior does her best to make all products carefully and will work with you to make sure you are not dissapointed but can not protect against lifes happenings. Thank you for understanding items are under warranty for 30 days after purchase. Necklace clasps and string I will repair again, so long as business is in business.

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