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  know yourself the native way,
there is no power in plastic!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!

Cherokee and Choctaw family history

I am enrolled with the United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (A state recognized tribe)  My art is in full compliance with the Federal 1990 Native American Arts and Crafts Act and by such is Native American made. I am a proud Cherokee.  For the past 6 generations the family has lived in between Ardmore Oklahoma and Collin county and Rusk Cherokee county Texas, Durant is in between the two and Tahlequah is about 2 hours north of Ardmore. My family on this side can be traced directly to the Mary Emma Smith who was married to Aaron Campbell (#11883 Hester Roll Collin County Georgia) For Cherokee East of the Mississippi 1883) She was Grandma laura's grandma. Our family originated in North Carolina and Georgia mixing with immigrants of course. About 1900 they loaded up a wagon and walked to Texas losing family along the way in unmarked graves to settle in Texas with other Cherokee folk to work on farms and fields. Laura and Grandpa Newt met in Texas, he chose to pass as white after 1923 when Eastern Band Cherokee took their new Census as he and the family had already started plowing land in Texas and no longer spend time with the tribal community.  Therefore I am a state recognized Cherokee but not federal as federal will only take Baker or Dawes rolls and not the Miller rolls or Hester Rolls that we trace our heritage to.
  The last name ShortCloud is actually comes from my ancestors the Shorts who married the Clouds about 1709.
  In May 2016 I was adopted by Darla Harrison and so I am also adopted Rosebud Sioux. Some of my art may also reflect these other nation styles.

 learned my crafts from AMAZING teachers and Elders. I could not do what I do without the support and guidance of my community. An Active Two-Spirit person I go to many society activities and functions and teaches other participants my crafts.
I was the First Mr. Montana Two-Spirit 2015-2016

 A true artist will always share their traditional craft knowledge because it's not about themselves as much as it is preserving what they do for the next generation to continue to do.

Scottish Heritage

I am also a Scotsman, my Farther's surname is Crawford. We are a very proud family and played a very large role in the history of Scotland. Our family crest was established after saving a king from being rammed to death by a Stag. "I will give you safety with my strength" We are the only Clan to have a Stag with a Cross above the head as we were a royal lowland clan. However now we have no clan chief but many are still active in our heritage. Sir William Wallace (Portrayed most famously as Braveheart by Mel Gibson) Is my Cousin 21 generations back and yes I'm able to link through family names to them. Margret Crawford was his mother, to this day Clan Crawford and Clan Wallace celebrate.

  I have recently extended my products to also reflect my Scottish and Viking heritage.  I have competed in local Highland games.... Proudly taking last place!